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Jane & Monty Equine Photo Shoot…

The shoot with Jane was one of the funniest shoots I have done so far, Jane’s a real character and has a lovely bond with her laid back horse Monty. We struggled to get Monty to put his ears forward as he’d been out in the field all night so was tired when we came […]

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Amanda & Meg, Equine Photo Shoot…

I was very excited when I turned up to the yard where Amanda keeps her lovely skewbald cob. Meg has an absolutely amazing mane, and is just so photogenic. Amanda wore a summery dress had brought some flowers to put in Megs mane for a summer vibe 🙂 We went off to the field where […]

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Nicky & Mickey Equine & Family Photo Shoot

Nicky had booked me to take some photos of her horse Mickey, dogs, husband and children, James and Sophie. It was a gorgeous day and I’d already done a shoot with another couple and their horse before Nicky’s shoot. I took some shots in the stables, then some in the outdoor menage then off we […]

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Dawn, Barty & JJ Equine Photo Shoot

Dawn was a competition winner and won a photo shoot and framed image. I think it was the windiest day of the year when I visited Dawn and her horses on her farm in Cheshire, not ideal weather when you have a spooky horse, so outside shots had to be kept to a minimum, just […]

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Alex & Bono Equine Photo Shoot

I did some amazing shoots in 2011, the one with Alex and Bono was one of them, Bono (fab name!) is huge and trying to get Alex to sit sideways on him with a silky dress was no mean feat, she did slide off once and its a long way down with no shoes on! […]

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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.