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Lucy & Cassie Equine Photo Shoot…

Lucys birthday present was a photo shoot with the pony she looks after called Cassie, a very sweet Welsh pony. I’ve done lots of photo shoots at this yard (over 10 now!), so I was determined to find somewhere I hadnt used before. There’s a small woods with evergreens, so I thought I might have […]

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Megan & Murphy Equine Photo Shoot…

Megans mum booked an equine photo shoot for Megan as a birthday present. Murphy is a very handsome Welsh pony, it wasn’t going to be difficult to get great images as both of them are just so photogenic. Megan was a star to work with she never stopped smiling and Murphy was extremely cooperative accept […]

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Jake The Spaniel….

I had lots of fun photographing the very lively spaniel Jake….we got lots of action shots, followed by a quick dip in the river then suitably wet dog bounded off for his ball. The light was lovely with the sun coming through the autumnal coloured leaves…just gorgeous….

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Equine Photography Training Day, Cheshire

I recently spent the day with Alex a lifestyle photographer from Hertfordshire. Alex wanted to offer equine photography to her clients so had booked a one-to one training day with me. Our first practical session was with Jess and her horse Mai, with Lisa and Paddy in the afternoon session. The weather was very kind […]

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Jennifer & Rex Equine Photo Shoot Cheshire…

Rex is a gorgeous ex-eventer, he was a little excitable at the prospect of being super model for the day, so Jennifer had to change her high heels for welly’s when all the horses in the fields decided to come and see what was going on! We let him have a quick blast in the […]

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Elleanor, Loula & Noah, Equine Photo Shoot…

These images are from a recent photo shoot with Elleanor and her lovely ponies, Noah a very sweet Dartmoor, and Loula, a cheeky Welsh Section A. My useless sat nav (yeah ok maybe it was my fault!) took me down the wrong road but luckily I spotted a gorgeous woods with daffodils, a perfect location […]

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Asian Bridal Photo Shoot at Davenport Green Hall, Cheshire

I always like to bring horses or at least one into my shoots and this was no different we did an Asian bridal shoot at Davenport Green Hall. Heather Warburton kindly brought her gorgeous Arab Izaak, who behaved impeccably. The amazing outfits were kindly Given to us to use by Imani Studio in Manchester www.imanistudio.com. […]

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Juliette & Hero Equine Photo Shoot…

I ventured to a lovely yard in Cheshire to do a photo shoot with Juliette and her lovely horse Hero. Juliette had won some trophies for long distance riding and so I took a few images of them before they had to be handed back. Unfortunately Hero wont be able to compete any longer due […]

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Sandra, Sunny, Kirsty & Lulu Equine Photo Shoot…

Sandra booked a shoot for herself, her daughter Kirsty and the horses Sunny and Lulu. The weather was a bit mixed and it was an evening shoot so we had to dodge the rain and try to finish before it got too dark. We shot some images in the barn the in between showers managed […]

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Beach Bridal Equine Photo Shoot…

A fellow photographer wanted to update his bridal portfolio, so I suggested a beach shoot….and whoops why not add a horse 😉 photographing horses is my passion….and I always try to sneak a horse (or two) into my shoots….Lisa has a lovely Arab called Paddy and gladly accepted our crazy idea of her wearing a […]

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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.