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Equine Photography Training Day Shropshire…

Along with photographing horses all around the country I also do quite a bit of travelling and teaching other photographers equine photography. I was booked by Renee for a training day as she was wanting to offer equine photography as a service to her customers. She lives in a great rural location which is perfect […]

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Equine Photo Shoot with 2 Sisters, a Friend and their Horses…

I had a busy day doing 3 photo shoots, the first was with Mia and her ponies, Hugo and Blue, then, Helen & Jake lastly was Sarah & Benny… phew! It was a lovely day and by the end I sure was hot!…Hugo was rather excited about the whole process, so Mia took him for […]

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“Autumn” The 39 Year Old Horse – Photo Shoot

Autumn is a 39 year old chestnut mare with a mind and energy of a 3 year old – When Di, booked me for a photo shoot and told me Autumn was 39 I thought Id have problems trying to get her ears forward as I thought she would be very laid back – how […]

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Alderley Edge Equine Photo Shoot, Cheshire…

I seem to be pretty lucky with the weather for my outdoor shoots (just hoping Ive not just jinxed this!) and the day I photographed Victoria and her lovely mare Hope was beautiful, it was a sunny autumnal day, perfect colours even if it was quite bright. Here are a few photos from their photo […]

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Bridal Equine Photo Shoot, Cheshire

Yvonne got a gift voucher for a 2 hour photo shoot with her horse Harry as a wedding present. Yvonne asked me if we could do some of the photos with her wearing her wedding dress which had been a few months earlier. I didnt have very far to go to do the shoot as […]

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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.