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Dawn, Barty & JJ Equine Photo Shoot

Dawn was a competition winner and won a photo shoot and framed image. I think it was the windiest day of the year when I visited Dawn and her horses on her farm in Cheshire, not ideal weather when you have a spooky horse, so outside shots had to be kept to a minimum, just in case! Lucky the stables are in an inside barn with plenty of great natural daylight so we did the majority of the shot in there. Dawn had a difficult time choosing which photos to buy, but now has a beautiful portrait box with 10 images from the shoot and her framed photo which she won.



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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.