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Catherine and Murphy’s Equine Photo Shoot

Catherine and I both stable our horses at the same yard, I’ve done many photo shoots at the yard so my mission was to try to use places I haven’t shot before, and saying I must have easily done over 15 shoots there so it was a challenge! Catherine wanted a shoot with Murphy while he still had his sparkle, and was in great condition. Murphy is quite a character and had me laughing all day at his antics. Catherine’s boyfriend Ian joined us to assist with the shoot in a cornfield, so I asked him to try to get Murphy’s attention by waving a pair of shorts behind me…as you do (Im letting all my trade secrets out now…you cant do a horse shoot without waving a pair of shorts!)! Whilst I was shooting away we heard a noise, and turned around to find Ian had walked backwards into a ditch! He was covered in mud from the shoulders down, but we still managed to get him in to a couple of shots by hiding his muddy body behind Murphy… poor Ian!



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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.