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Introducing our new Franchisee, Debbie Cowley

We are all so happy to welcome Debbie to our photography family. Debbie, who lives in Sale, Manchester will be covering the Lancashire and Manchester area and is a great addition to the team.

“Originally from London I moved to Manchester in the late 90’s and have never looked back. My passion for photography began when I had the opportunity to photograph wildlife on the Galapagos Islands getting up close and personal with animals such as iguanas, frigate birds and albatross.

Our family expanded with the arrival of our beautiful Irish Sports Horse Tequila who we enjoy competing with in dressage and show jumping. Having had Shetlands, horses and dogs (including a rather large St Bernard!) in my younger years I am delighted that horses and dogs have re-entered my life and that I now have the opportunity to capture beautiful images of them and their owners, creating wonderful memories and beautiful works of art”.

We cannot wait to share Debbie’s journey with you….

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HPUK’s training day in Surrey

Steve, www.dogphotographerukcheshirewest.co.uk and I headed down to Emma’s, www.horsephotographeruksurrey.co.uk territory in Surrey for a full day of training. We began the day with the dogs, Skye a collie and Sammy a puggle. First it was the turn of Rachel and Skye – we did this in their back garden in Kingston-upon-Thames which was more than ample in size with lots of choice of areas. Then we went out and about for a more urban look for Mille and Sammy the puggle’s turn. Millie wore some funky leggings and Dr Marten boots and we got some great shots using mosaic wall art and a graffiti mural.

After breaking for a lovely lunch we then headed out to Chobham Common with a beautiful dressage horse called Rudy and its rider Melinda. Emma styled this shoot for us and she chose a Victorian theme with the model wearing a beautiful purple gown. It was such a sunny day I was a bit worried that it would be too bright however we managed to create some lovely dappled shots.

My budding photographer daughter, Ellie joined us on this day with her camera – check out her website for some of her images, www.elliewestwood-ruttledge.co.uk

Here are a few images from our day…



Millie & Sammy 1 Millie & Sammy 3 Millie & Sammy Rachel 1 Rachel 2 Rachel 3 Rachel

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Holly & Flickers Photo Shoot Gift

Holly received her shoot as a birthday present from her mum.  Holly didn’t want any ridden shots which was a good job as we were limited to a field which had the 2 other horses who lived there in at the same time!  The stable was also in the same field so we got some shots around here and some black background images too.  We also included Holly’s dog Alice in some of the shots for her.  The weather was kind to us as it was a nice day but not too bright and sunny.  This shoot was very much about the horses rather than Holly so she opted for a casual look on the day.  Holly and her mum chose an acrylic for the wall and a portfolio box.

Take a look at some of our images here…


Holly & Flicka 1 Holly & Flicka 2 Holly & Flicka

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Julies Birthday Photo Shoot with her horse Dave, Cheshire

Bill, Julie’s husband treated Julie to her shoot as part of her birthday present.  Not everyone feels comfortable with being in front of the camera and Julie was one of these people – insisting that she would prefer just shots of Dave.  In fact, the product she chose at the viewing was of both her and Dave which I always think is lovely as it means I have helped to alleviate their fears and to show them they can and do look great in photos.  Julie wore a riding outfit for the shoot and we began out in the field but Dave was a bit giddy so we didn’t stay out too long before heading back to the yard where he was much more chilled.  We had a lovely time and the end results were fantastic.

Take a look at some of the images here…


Julie & Dave 1 Julie & Dave 2 Julie & Dave 3 Julie & Dave

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Fiona’s Equi-Trek ‘Gift’ Photo Shoot, Nottingham

As part of our partnership with Equi-Trek www.equi-trek.com we offer all of their clients who purchase a new trailer or horse box the opportunity to have a free photo shoot with us.  I went to Nottingham to meet Fiona and her horse, Shorty on a gorgeous sunny hot day which most people think is perfect for photography but in fact isn’t ideal.  However, we managed to get some lovely images in the fields surrounding the yard where she stables Shorty before heading out on to the track.  Fiona’s outfit choices were casual but captured the motorbike riding lady’s personality perfectly.

Take a look at some of the images here ….


Fiona & Shorty 1 Fiona & Shorty 2 Fiona & Shorty 3 Fiona & Shorty

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Cheryl & Seal’s Celebratory Equine Photoshoot.

Cheryl’s lovely husband bought the shoot for her at the Hunt Ball as a celebration as she has lost lots of weight.  Both Cheryl and Seal were a real pleasure to work with, we had a lovely day.  Cheryl chose 3 outfits; a lovely pink dress, a trouser and denim jacket number and finally a country look of a jacket with boots.  The weather was almost perfect despite the slight rain shower which started at the very end of the shoot but we didn’t mind that!  Cheryl chose an acrylic album, a frame and an acrylic from her viewing.

Here are a few of her images….


Cheryl & Seal 1 Cheryl & Seal 2 Cheryl & Seal


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Tara & Neico’s Equine Photo Shoot, Cheshire

I have known Tara for a while as she stables her horses at the same yard as I stable mine.  She is also a returning customer – I have previously photographed her other horse, Milly as well as having had the pleasure of photographing her son’s christening.  Clare, from www.clarearden.com accompanied me and did full hair and make up for Tara who is naturally very photogenic.  Unfortunately due a decline in a condition which Neico has he is unable to be ridden anymore so we did lots of in hand and black background shots.  Tara was keen to capture her gorgeous thoroughbred so she has a timeless memory of him to treasure.

Here are some of the images from our day…


Tara 1 Tara 2 Tara 3 Tara

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Diane’s Family Photo Shoot, Lancashire

Diane bought the shoot for her two daughters, Nicole, Katie and their ponies, Fid and Imp but we also included the family dogs and got mum in a few shots too to capture the whole family together.  The sun was shining for us and we were able to get a mixture of shots of the girls with their ponies, as well as the dogs before getting some of mum riding.  We met at their home so we sis some shots here, within the yard and out on the surrounding roads.  Everyone behaved really well and I had such an enjoyable day creating some timeless pieces for this lovely family.

Have a sneak peek at some of the image’s here …

Diane Diane 4 Diane 2 Diane 1 Vicky


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Vicky Smith and her Trio’s equine Photo Shoot.

Vicky who is sponsored by Supreme Products is lucky to have not one but three horses.  There’s Bugsy who she currently competes with, Yogi who is the baby of the trio and who I am looking forward to see progress then there is the senior of the group, Misty who at 20 years old is  a very happy hacker.  Vicky chose to have traditional country outfits for her shoot which worked really well and we got a nice selection of images for her to choose from.  The weather was sunny and warm without being too bright so as to cause a problem.  We wish Vicky all the best in her future competitions.

Take a look at some of her images here…



Vicky 1 Vicky 2 Vicky



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Training day with Sophie and Lissy, Manchester

We had a training day for Roger, Steve and Nikki and my budding photographer daughter Ellie (8) joined us on the shoot. Sophie kindly agreed to model for us along with Lissy who were both perfect – neither one of them put a foot wrong! This together with amazing outfits, great location and fabulous weather made for a perfect day’s shooting. A big thank you to Sophie and Lissy for being at our beck and call without complaint.

Check out some of the images here…


Sophie & Lissy 1 Sophie & Lissy 2 Sophie & Lissy


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I absolutely LOVE my album, it looks fantastic...almost started crying looking at it...So gorgeous and such great memories to keep forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Absolutely love my photos, so pleased! Can't wait to put the frame up in my room, they are photos I will keep forever!

This women is truly amazing!!! I'm am honoured to have had my photographs taken by her!! A true artist and pure talent! Thank you Sue.